1 - Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (L to R) Pres. Jim Lynah, Secretary Chris Frame and General Society Organizer, James Barr

2 - Museum of Appalachia (L to R) Georgia Society Past Pres. David Dickie and Tenn. Society Reid Gryder.

3 - Blue Grass music and Tenn. Bar B-Q. provided by the Tennessee Society at the Museum of Appalachia with music supplied by John Rice Irwin, founder of the museum.

4 - Big gun demonstration at Fort Southwest Point in Kingston, Tn. Great weather prevailed.

5 - (L to R) Cindy Lynah, GA Secretary, Chris Frame, incoming President to the General Society , Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis, GA President Jim Lynah

6 - And a good time was had by all. (Jim, Cindy and Rosemary asleep)